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Payroll processing is more than just calculating your employee wages.

Deductions and adjustments such as tax withholdings, PTO accruals, and 401K contributions need to be calculated correctly. You and your employees can rely on us for accurate and on-time wage payment. Mistakes can be expensive and time consuming to fix and no one, employers and employees alike, wants to worry about that.

Our payroll clients are assigned a Project Manager who gets to know your specific payroll requirements, and onboards your company onto the platform that best meets your needs. Don't need all the bells & whistles? We've got you covered. Need automated onboarding and geofencing? We've got that too!

De Novo Payroll

As your payroll processor, we're here for you when you need us.  Have a problem? We're only a phone call away.

Have a question? We're here to answer it for you immediately.

What makes us different than traditional payroll companies? Our payroll processors collaborate with our accounting, bookkeeping, and HR professionals, offering subject matter expertise that simply is not available at other payroll companies. 

Our formula is:

expert level knowledge + accountability + an overwhelmingly positive customer experience  = 

payroll processing you can depend upon.

We offer solutions tailored to your specific needs. Choose from multiple payroll platforms; one size does not fit all! ​

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Employee Forms De Novo Payroll

Click here to gain access to the various Federal and Employee forms needed to set up and process your company's payroll.

Other Services


Since our inception, De Novo HRConsulting has remained focused on offering strategic, client-centric consulting services - and that means something different for each and every client. 


Zinman & Company provides client-centric, expert accounting and bookkeeping services to our business clients, with a commitment to delivering a valuable service at a fair price.

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